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2018.01.05(6 months ago)Chris Barton
Overall, we had a very good experience. The 1 star rating is my attempt to get management’s attention. There are things to love & hate about this place. It costs about $75 USD for 2 adults to get in and take the bus tour. Literally, everything once you get inside costs an additional fee. The bus tour felt rushed & the driver was constantly apologizing that we had to keep moving. My number 1 complaint is regarding the attraction to get your photo taken with a lion cub. The system is awful. The sign says “please wait & pay here” but there is no one to take your money. We waited for 45 minutes & then we were told that they were not taking any more photos that day. The staff was not apologetic at all and a bit rude. This is not typical in Japan and was very disappointing. It’s my opinion that you need at least 3 people working at this attraction. You had 2 the day we were there. There should be 1 dedicated staff member for customer service. All-in-all we spent about $100. Was it worth it? Yes. Would I do it again? No.
2018.02.01(5 months ago)Leena Sharma
We absolutely loved this experience. Unfortunately none of the guides or explanations are in English on the actual safari in the truck part. Also recommend doing it in the safari van at the park as you get a chance to actually feed the animals whereas if you drove your own vehicle you would miss out on this and the animals tend to only come up close to the safari van. There is also some other stuff around the park but we all thoroughly enjoyed the actual safari itself. Would recommend if there buses stopped for alittle longer when feeding the animals e.g. we only stopped to feed the lion for less than 5 minutes which sucks because you really want to take in being that close to the animal !
2017.10.19(9 months ago)Alex Young
Took the family (4yo and 2yo) on the Safari Bus tour - incredible experience which lasts 50mins and lets you feed the animals through the protective wire grills. There were plenty of animals and the kids enjoyed it. If you are feeling courageous you can drive your car through (just keep your windows closed :)). Note that there wasn't any English translations during the tour. There are also additional activities to explore on the property including a dog and cat petting area, mini pony rides as well as other smaller animals. You can see on the map that there's a lot to see here.
2018.03.30(3 months ago)Eddie WONG
Highly recommend to go with kids and ride a bus to feed lions, elephants and giraffes... it's awesome!
2018.03.08(4 months ago)vignesh jayaraj
Good place to visit in oita ken with kids and family. you will really love it.
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